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Production of fur and fur products

WU Production of fur

       Fur production In this section the process of production of raw sheep skins and fur for the cash needs of the apparel. The plant is supplied with raw sheep skin mostly from imports (the origin of the skins is mostly from Australia and New Zealand, then South America and the Nordic countries, etc…). The chemicals necessary for smooth operation of the plant are 10% of the domestic market and 90% are supplied from imports. Machines equipped with all machinery vessels and for tanning leather to the final product.

       Product range:

  • Sheep and lamb-Sweeden fur
  • Fur for rugs
  • Fur lining
  • Medical fur

       Furry slippers in Sweden, fur for rugs, fur lining on the shoe and HTZ products is natural sheep fur with a height 8-10 mm, 12 - 14 mm, 16 - 18 mm, and finds application in manufacture of textile products: slippers, car covers, HTZ products, coats and vests steering wheel stitching and woven rugs and more. Due to its structural construction wool has a high elasticity and tensile properties, so it is crowded and the space located between the large numbers of fibers provides good air circulation. Wool is prone to absorbing moisture, goal because of good traffic woolen fiber thrown out.

   The composition of the working unit of fur production sectors are:

  • Department of Energy and Maintenance
  • Sector Development tanned drive and energy and ecology