JSC Dimko Mitrev

Production of fur and fur products

WU Confection

WU Confection produces a wide range of products:

  • Furry Footwear
  • Various products of medical fur
  • Personal Protective Equipment - gloves, coats, vests
  • fur clothing-coats of suede pelc
  • Sewing and woven rugs
  • Stool, cushion etc.

Working garment unit produces a wide range of products including:

  • Plant for the manufacture of footwear produced fur and fur shoes
  • Plant for the production of decorative items, and P.P.E. produces: decorative items (stool, pillows, and cushions for the chair, TIR forms, blankets, etc...) fur rugs, P.P.E. coats and vests, coats fashion, etc.
  • Sector development and modeling for clothing